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On April 3, , Jamie St. Jamie attended a bilingual school, which set the scene for much of his young adult life when he would easily pick up new languages. It was in Paris that Jamie started his acting career. Before moving back to England close to the age of eight, Jamie got a number of professional jobs as well: he dubbed an English voiceover for a French movie, and did a few tv commercials. Back in London, he pursued his love of theater at St. Although he was eager to study drama, his parents convinced him to attend university first, despite or perhaps because of the fact that his mother had long been in the business.

Jamie was accepted to Cambridge, where he graduated in with the highest possible degree — a First Class Honours Degree in Modern Languages he studied both French and Italian. I went to an international bilingual school. He also pursued his love of athletics and playing university rugby. While Jamie was away in Cambridge, his parents, who had gradually grown apart, divorced.

The change was easier on Jamie than on his younger brother and sister, who were still living at home at the time, and he spent a lot of time on the phone with them hearing what was going on. The divorce was amicable, however, and his parents remain friendly. After university, Jamie reached something of a crisis point, and decided that he would pursue acting, but he was not entirely committed to it. So I entered into the career with very real expectations.

I also experienced a very romantic era in history. It was an amazing thing to do, my eyes were open wide the whole time, the ships, the costumes, firing muskets — it was a schoolboy dream come true. I did every stunt that was offered to me in Hornblower. Archie Kennedy quickly became beloved by fans worldwide, and Jamie had to get used to having such a dedicated fan base.

His next big break came when he was hired to play in Band of Brothers, a miniseries directed by Tom Hanks which aired in That movie was exciting for Jamie in more ways than one as it was there that he met Kerry Norton, who would later become his wife. There was a lot of flirting going on and our characters were in love, so the chemistry was really there.

It took about two weeks to get together. In the end the door was open all the time. Jamie remembers it as an incredible experience, very different from his television or movie work, and a chance for him to refine the stage acting skills he had learned in school and at university. He worked hard on his body language and diction — both of which must be more emphatic in stage productions than on camera — and came away from the Bristol Old Vic theater a more confident and fulfilled actor. The birth was filmed by the British Broadcasting Corporation bbc as part of a documentary on what happens in the mind of a newborn baby.

Kerry and Jamie were married in September , and nearly a year later, on August 27, , twin girls named Ava and Darcy Griffith were born. Early in , Jamie read the script for the new Battlestar Galactica series, and although he was initially unenthusiastic about the idea of a remake, once he had looked at the script, he was thrilled at the opportunity.

They were huge! The overall average physical body type in Los Angeles is completely different [than] in the UK. They wanted someone a bit more, I guess, cerebral. I went to L. I cringed at the idea of the remake, but the script knocked me sideways. Professional and personal lives began to get hectic, and Jamie was actually filming in Vancouver when Kerry was in the last month of her first pregnancy, but he was able to make it home in time for the birth.

The whole set knew Jamie was anxious about missing the birth, and when they had filming on the last day, everyone cheered for him. My wife was very strong in my absence, and the director and producer worked hard to get me home early. I did get home a week early — I arrived on the due date. We need to make a home with all our books on the shelves and the kids in their own, specially decorated, bedrooms.

As Apollo, Jamie has to portray a fascinating range of contradictory emotions: his character is both loyal and devoted, and imbued with a real need for rebellion. As one of the more experienced younger actors on the show, Jamie continues to actively develop new approaches and skills, and considers himself extremely fortunate to share so many scenes with veterans Edward James Olmos, who plays William Adama, and Mary McDonnell Roslin. Sometimes if you tell a story in a parallel world, you can sometimes be a little more brazen with your commentary.

I need to work. In April , he completed the London Marathon, finishing in just under three hours. He lived in London with his two sisters and his parents, who own a bed-and-breakfast. James attended Harrow School in north-west London. In , he enrolled at the University of York in England, where he received a ba in English and Related Literature three years later. Between and , James broadened his horizons and played in a variety of television series, their genres ranging from the action-military Soldier Soldier to the dramatic The Scarlet Pimpernel.

On a break between projects, he met Neha, an Indian woman with whom he fell in love, and two weeks later he asked her to marry him. That was on the Saturday and I started work the following Tuesday. Which was a bit worrying. While some were critical about the changes to the show — bringing in female pilots, for instance, and recasting Starbuck as a woman — James was enthusiastic about the more modern outlook and he expressed dismay at the criticism. Why should scifi just be our bag? And Katee Sackhoff, who plays Starbuck, is a very attractive spirit and — although it may be inappropriate to say so — she has balls of fire.

She also manages to be gentle and feminine at the same time. These are amazing qualities. Dirk Benedict, with all his cigar-puffing antics, did not bring that to the role. Some of the people who visit the site actually met up, and now they rarely talk about me and discuss their own lives instead. We just now happen to come from a long line [of British characters being the villains] that probably started with Alan Rickman in Die Hard. As a result, Gaius is one of the more fascinating characters to examine in depth.

He was just a downright baddie. I think all of that stuff is done just to employ people. It was a testimony of my solidarity with Tricia Helfer. She walked in and saw me naked and fell on the floor laughing. The same year, he appeared as Haman in a cinematic retelling of the biblical story of Esther, One Night with the King. He has continued to be active in other projects since joining the cast of BSG, and has starred in the television miniseries Helen of Troy as Menelaus as well as the movie Dead Cool Outside of work, James is busy with his family.

In , he and Neha had their first son, whom they named Joshua and who was followed in by a second son, Sacha. If James ever decides to stop acting, he has an eclectic mix of skill sets on which to draw. An extremely skilled musician, James has spent a lifetime developing his musical talents. As well as singing, he writes music, and plays both the 26 piano and the guitar at a professional level. A surprising and refreshingly down-toearth man, James manages a wonderful blend of humor and authenticity that, combined with his talent and ambition, will no doubt take him far.

Tricia Helfer was born on April 11, , in the small rural community of Donalda, Alberta Canada , where her parents owned a grain farm. She grew up on the farm, driving a tractor and participating in all aspects of farm life, and to this day, her parents still live in the same house, which she visits as often as her schedule allows.

When she was seventeen, she went to see Sleeping with the Enemy. It was an event that changed her life: while she was standing in line to get a ticket, a scout for Mode Models spotted her, and asked her if she was interested in modeling. Although she initially refused, a few weeks later, her career as a model was launched.

I said no, but she gave him my number anyway. He took pictures of me, sent them to Ford modeling agency, and two weeks later I was in New York. I made forty thousand dollars that summer. Her career took off: Tricia worked both in print fashion — posing for such elite magazines as Marie Claire, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan — and in runway fashion. Over the next few years, she graced the covers of nearly every major fashion magazine while accumulating runway shows. It was on page. This guy knows the catalog a little too well. She became a correspondent for a Canadian fashion show, Ooh La La, where she discovered a passion for moving film.

She also considered going into psychology, but the newly found fascination prompted her to start taking acting classes, and she enrolled at the prestigious Penny Templeton acting school. She attended classes at night while pursuing her modeling career during the day; an assiduous student — and never one to back down from an opportunity — Tricia left her New York life behind in to move to Los Angeles.

She built up a huge phone bill and damaged the apartment while it was under my name although she had technically taken over the lease. Taught me to never trust anyone legally. She starred as Ashleigh James, a bulimic model who is compelled to cut her face to cope with the pressures and pains of her life. It was a fortuitous find — she knew the casting director for the series, and he got her to audition for the part.

Auditioning is a very difficult process and I know very few actors that enjoy it, unfortunately. She tries to imbue each incarnation with slightly different characteristics and personalities. While her scenes as Caprica-Six require just a couple of hours in the makeup room, episodes where she plays the tortured Cylon Gina season 2 required twice as much time to prepare for.

She now wears a wig on set. In between filming BSG, Tricia has kept herself busy by auditioning for parts in other projects.

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In , Tricia starred in the movie Mem-o-re, and landed a guest role in the television series The Collector in I shot all of my scenes in just under two days, so we moved pretty quick. The production team and crew were great, very organized, professional, and fun. Despite popular acclaim, Tricia decided not to return to host the second season of the hit show due to time constraints: with her busy schedule on the set of Battlestar Galactica as well as her increasing number of outside projects, Tricia felt she would not have done the series justice, as she would have been unable to devote the time and energy to it that it deserved.

I can change moods instantly. I think it would be boring if I were one person all the time. Jonathan is a prominent entertainment lawyer, and they were married in They currently live in L.

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Not that they plan on settling there permanently, but they hope to use it as a retreat from the hard-and-fast L. An active, physical woman, Tricia works out six days a week — not out of any sense of duty, but out of a genuine sense of enjoyment. There she and her three sisters and one brother attended school, and Mary graduated from the State University of New York at Fredonia where she discovered a love of acting. She performed in college productions, and soon thereafter enrolled in drama school. In it, she played the uneducated battered wife of a Vietnam War veteran.

As her popularity grew and she became known for her unusual choices in diction and body language, Mary went on to star in such Broadway and Off-Broadway productions as The Heidi Chronicles, Letters Home, O Pioneers! She also continued to play in Still Life when it appeared on different stages throughout the United States. It taught me the power of the theater — to confront a sea of faces and make decisions every moment, when you see resistance, whether to try to break through or move on.

You got the sense of theater taking place in that moment. Although she was horribly nervous about filming the revealingly intimate sex scene, she startled audiences with her subtle performance in the movie, and was rewarded with an Academy Award nomination, the first of her career, but not her last; she was nominated again two years later for her role in Passion Fish. When Donnie Darko hit the dvd market, writer and director Richard Kelly was incensed because Mary and her costar Katherine Ross had been taken off the credit roll on the front cover.

Mary has become known for playing strong, vibrant female characters, and attributes that in part to her own personality shining through. The roles of that kind of woman seemed to find me. In my dna I come from a very strong matriarchal family of Irish women — very, very strong.

We were all raised to be very strong-willed. I have to do this. And I eventually found out Ed [Edward James Olmos] was agreeing to do it, so that made a huge difference to me. I felt it would really be more beneficial to my character and her perception to have every single one of these ideas new to her. The apocalyptic nature of the situation got into my dreams. I had a very hard time. I went to therapy a little bit and just did a little bit of work on it to figure out how to let her get stronger while I got further away from her.

They have two children, Olivia and Michael. Mary and Randle love to go to horse races together, and one BSG shot was infamously difficult to get because Mary collapsed in a fit of giggles about ridiculous horse names. I love to have complexity. And [Roslin is] just one of an ensemble.

For me, if I get too absorbed as a viewer, I lose some of my innocence as a player. His dedication served him well, both in terms of his athletic ability and more personally since it allowed him to develop his patience and self-discipline. He practiced every day, and won the Golden State that is, California batting championship. His parents were convinced he would stay in the field, but at the age of fifteen, Edward suddenly turned his attention to music. By the time Edward had graduated from high school, Pacific Ocean was a hot commodity at L.

In between gigs at night, Edward studied and eventually earned a degree in sociology before deciding to enroll in a drama course to improve his singing technique. It was a decision that changed his life, as he quickly realized that his true passion lay in acting. In , however, he married Kaija Keel, and by the time he was twenty-seven, they had two sons — Mico and Bodie. Edward ran a furniture delivery company during the day while indulging his acting ambitions at night by working in experimental theater. Edward blew audiences and critics away, and won the prestigious Tony Award for his performance; although the play was only scheduled to run for ten days, such was its success that it actually ran for eighteen months.

Three years later, Edward reprised the role for the film version of the play, in an equally impressive performance. After Zoot Suit, Edward chose his roles carefully to avoid becoming stuck in a Mexican American stereotype. His next big movie was the science fiction classic Blade Runner, in which he played Gaff. It was American Playhouse, however, a project filmed in the same year, that stood out for Edward: a pbs Public Broadcasting Service presentation on Gregorio Cortez, who had traditionally been portrayed as a Mexican bandit. When no studio offered to distribute the series on film, Edward took time off from acting — turning down role after role — in order to tour and promote the show himself.

This type of commitment and integrity has become part of the legend Edward carries with him to any role. After the political activism of American Playhouse, Edward took on a more easygoing role as Lieutenant Martin Castillo in the television series Miami Vice. From to , Miami Vice grew in popularity and Edward James Olmos became a household name for the first time.

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In between seasons, he returned to the movie industry and took on one of his most popular roles to date, that of real-life math teacher Jaime Escalante in the hit film Stand and Deliver. His role in the movie was that of a socially conscious teacher desperate to help disadvantaged youth get the most out of their education and their lives; his performance earned him an Academy Award nomination, making him the first Chicano Mexican American actor ever to receive such an honor.

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  • War medals and their history.

Edward has since ensured that a copy of the uplifting movie be available in prisons, youth organizations, and schools where the importance of education and diversity is essential to helping people understand their own strengths and potential. He married actress Lorraine Bracco two years later, and their relationship lasted three years; it was not until , however, that they divorced. You had a whole different perspective on the end of the world, that whole philosophy. What [Ronald Moore] did before you read the piece, he put three pages at the beginning. It was like a mission statement, kind of.

It told you a little bit about how it was going to be shot. The script was very powerful. It was completely different. I will faint on camera, and I will be off the show. Us younger actors look up to him as a father. I have massive respect on a personal level. The apocalyptic tone of the series takes its toll, however, and after three years, Edward finds it increasingly hard to leave his character and the darkness of the show behind.

So I stay there. Outside of work, Edward remains a staunch community activist. In he formed the Latino Public Broadcasting company, where he serves as chairman; the company funds programming for television shows highlighting issues of relevance to the Latino community. As early as the mids, the actor became deeply involved with the fate of the Chiapas, a state of southeast Mexico that suffers to an extreme many of the issues facing the Mexican and Mexican American population in general. Between Battlestar Galactica, family life, and his community involvement, Edward has still found time in the last year to produce and star in a number of important projects, including the hbo movie Walkout.

If I can do it, anybody can do it. I take away all the excuses. I thought I could get used to this. Her parents were less than overjoyed: Grace had had architectural ambitions, so acting seemed like an unstable career. He put his arm around me and just laughed. From that day on I think he looked at me differently.

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The five-season run allowed Grace to develop her acting skills, and she continued to expand her horizons by taking on guest star roles in both television and film. She appeared in five episodes of The Immortal between and , and, without meaning to, accumulated parts in other science fiction shows such as The Outer Limits, Dark Angel, Andromeda , and sci-fi mainstay Stargate: SG Still new to the job, however, Grace made a couple of 38 errors in judgment — including one involving a prop gun.

She landed a bit part in the hit Romeo Must Die, and also appeared in L. Law: The Movie Itching to explore all things Korean now. But when it comes to performance, though psychology will help, often the best things will come up organically and my job is then to get out of my own way and let things happen. After the audition I was told to come back for Starbuck.

I did. Although Katee was told she was too young for the part, she was convinced she would get it, and called her mother to say so. And I was really happy when I found out that they did cast [Grace] as Boomer. I think it worked out for the best. We talked about it. Despite the difficulties inherent in playing two and more versions of the same character, Grace has nothing but good things to say about her Galactica experience. The main challenges relating to her character involve the ways in which each Sharon changes given her own unique experiences.

Assault or rape happens to one in three women around the world. It robs everybody of an experience, and of a story, and of a release, and also of a compassion that we missed. Her exhaustion meant that she had to find a different way of acting — and she found it to be more effective and less draining. Plus, I think it was the method I was using for acting.

Her very pop- 40 ular role on BSG has opened a great many doors for her, and she now receives more job offers than ever before. Unlike some actors who become known for science fiction roles, however, Grace has been offered a range of parts, not limited to Sharonlike scripts. What attracts me to a role is change within the person, how do they change throughout the story line.

In late , she and longtime partner Phil Kim got married in a fun, casual affair in Mexico. The couple had been dating for three years before they decided to wed, and they indulged their shared love of traveling by going to India for their honeymoon. When not acting, training as an actor, spending time with her husband, or traveling, Grace is learning to speak Spanish. She also continues to define herself as Korean as well as Canadian: she grew up speaking half English, half Korean, and her Asian heritage is an essential part of her life. Born in Oregon, on April 8, , Katee is the daughter of Mary and Dennis, an English as a Second Language coordinator and a land developer, respectively.

Her television career started early: as a kid, she and her older brother Eric would routinely watch Star Trek with their father. We grew up in St. So my brother and I watched Star Trek. Her athletic ambitions dashed, Katee decided on acting as an alternative career. She auditioned for a part as an extra in the television movie Fifteen and Pregnant, but was offered a speaking part instead. The movie starred Hollywood darling Kirsten Dunst; both Kirsten and Katee starred as teenaged mothers trying to cope with their drastically changing lives. Shortly after graduating from high school, Katee moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career.

A supporting role in the television series The Education of Max Bickford, which starred Richard Dreyfuss, allowed Katee to learn from veteran actors, and provided her with a lot of exposure, despite the fact the series was short-lived. Between and , Katee landed two starring roles — the first in My First Mister, with Christine Lahti, and the second starring as Jenna Danzig in the horror movie Halloween: Resurrection.

In December , Katee got the script for the role of Starbuck in the reimagined BSG, and, despite the fact that the directors were looking for someone in her mid-thirties, Katee asked to be allowed to audition anyway. Just twenty-two years old at the time, Katee went to the audition straight from another audition: she arrived in a skirt and tank top, with hair past her waist — a far cry from the tomboy the character of Starbuck called for. Her reading for the part impressed the casting director, and, a few weeks later, Katee was auditioning for the producers themselves. All was not smooth sailing however.

In the original series, both Starbuck and Boomer were male characters, and Katee in particular got a lot of backlash from loyal viewers of the s series who were appalled at the idea of a female Starbuck. Starbuck, alas, has not been so lucky. It was not until his very public derision of the show and her portrayal of Starbuck that his true feelings about the reimagined series became apparent. As a self-proclaimed girly girl, she was devastated, but understood that for her character to be immediately identified as the tomboyish, rowdy pilot she is, it was a necessary physical cue.

Grace [Park] and I were sharing a room at boot camp and I got up in the middle of the night to see if I could still put it back in these twisty bobby pin things I used to do. I barely could. Soon after the miniseries was aired, she discovered that her version of Starbuck had made her something of a role model, and she decided to make some changes to the character when BSG was picked up for its first season. One of the most noticeable changes was the fact that both she and Starbuck quit smoking.

I think everything else can be explained away by a parent, that done safe or in moderation is great, but the smoking is the only thing that she does that, hands down, will kill you. She divides her time between her longtime home Los Angeles, and northern Washington State, which allows her to live conveniently close to the filming location for Battlestar Galactica in Vancouver.

Who wants to go watch a movie in my trailer? Katee also sports three tattoos, which are more or less visible depending on how her character is dressed.

PDF eBook Frak You! : The Ultimate Unauthorized Guide to Battlestar Galactica

Just before going on hiatus from Battlestar Galactica in , Katee landed a major part in two movies: White Noise 2, the sequel to the Hollywood hit White Noise, and the low-budget action movie The Last Sentinel. In the first, she plays a nurse who is able to help the main character through the grieving process for his wife and son. My poor mom flew up to take care of me. And my intention was to have her sleep, to keep me straight when I fell apart.

But she decided to stay awake with me, so she would be able to experience the pain and actually be able to relate, and she stayed awake the entire time. I was so excited to do my own stunts and work with Jesse [Johnson] because he is such an amazing stunt coordinator. So it was pretty interesting. You always hear horror stories of people moving to Los Angeles and 45 coming home a year later. So I always knew I had the drive and ambition for it, but I think that this business has so many other things that go into success that you have no control over, so you never know. Larson Directed by: Michael Rymer More than forty years after the end of the Cylon Wars, the Cylons reappear — in human form — and annihilate the 12 Colonies.

A lone battleship survives, and, with a ragtag fleet of civilian vessels, begins a search for the lost 13th Colony — Earth. Color, light, and sound. These are the first things we notice within five minutes of this four-hour episode. A new space is being born, a space that is dark and speaks of blood, fire, renewal, death. There is a starkness to the opening scenes of Battlestar Galactica that immediately signals to us that this is a very different show than what we might expect.

This story begins in the middle of things, spanning decades of Colonial and Cylon history in a glance, ending — and starting — with a long, dark hallway, a solitary man, a chair, and a table. A few sheets and we understand that humanity has made machines, machines became sentient, and then there was a war.

And now — well, now, things are about to change. Alone in space, waiting for someone who never shows up, his was an exercise in futility, until today. Today a woman arrives, and changes everything. These ideas and what comes out of them the intertextuals of the series give the show its epic form. An epic also tends to have national interests, traditionally telling a story of derring-do and long, arduous journeys that ultimately bring glory to the nation.

So, while BSG is in a sense fostering a sense of nationalism, the nationalism it fosters is a universal one — the nationalism of humanity. Battlestar Galactica does spend time doing that, but it asks hard questions, too, reimagining the epic genre as it goes along. This new epic BSG believes that asking questions is as much a part of life as life itself. Asking questions is our right and our duty.

In that way, too, the series is reimagining the epic form because there is no definitive hero. She seems to be all color: vibrant red dress; bright, excessively blonde hair; perfectly white teeth framed by startlingly vermillion lips. Were we not silently asking the same thing about her? Either way, she marks the end of an era. Then death, our oldest enemy, arrives.

In another clashing reversal, the scene changes again, to one filled with life. The faces of the people who live and work on this battlestar are mostly scarless, unseasoned, and shockingly youthful. Next to the young pilots like Starbuck and the ground crew like Chief and Cally, the presence of old-timers like Adama and Tigh could, under different circumstances, be startling, but the relationships between the different tiers of characters — older and younger, weathered and inexperienced, high-ranking officers and knuckledragger deckhands — are well developed.

Commander Adama and the Viper pilot Starbuck, Adama and his son Apollo, Starbuck and the XO Tigh, Starbuck and Chief Tyrol — each character grouping adds layers to the story as well as to the different personalities that are now going to have to live together, indefinitely, in close proximity and under extremely harsh circumstances. Starbuck and the second-in-command, Saul Tigh, for example, are both hard living, hard drinking, and dedicated — a lifestyle that seems both perfectly suited to and incredibly awkward for a military career. The push-pull of their relationship is one of the most interesting in the series, and neither Starbuck nor the XO holds their punches — literally!

Each sees in the other the best and worst of themselves, and that combines with a sense of claustrophobia afforded by their cramped quarters, a sense of impending freedom from the upcoming decommissioning, to create almost a pressure-cooker type situation. Other characters face similar tensions in their relationships. Here, Apollo blames Adama for pushing Zak to go to flight school, a move that ultimately killed him. It takes time, effort, and consistent trust that neither Adama nor Apollo are ready to offer yet. In that context, then, the struggle between the personal and the universal is a major thread in the show: in the midst of personal turmoil, is it possible for human beings to rally and put the needs of the many above their own struggle?

It makes him take a hard look around at who they are. Why are we worth saving? Why do we deserve to survive? Who are we really? This was a much longer speech in the script. It was a little too long, but the ideas are still there about who are we as a people, who are we as a species. Hard decisions still have to be made; the needs of the remaining survivors in the fleet have to take priority over the needs of the few on the planet; people have to be left behind.

A schoolteacher and an aging ship commander are suddenly the only people standing between the Cylons and the extinction of the human 50 race, and they have some really hard times coming up. The themes we touch on are, I feel, universal and profound and not limited to the normal conceptual scope of sci-fi. Are we worth saving? I think, in many ways, the show offers a very powerful allegory to our times. We were going for a reality that was recognizable to people. The ambiance seeps out of the screen, cloaking the characters and the viewers alike with a sense of despondency and grimness.

Each scene that offers a feeling of openness is tainted in a way by the presence of the Cylon Six, and through her, death. And although Michael Rymer has pointed out that BSG is more than just science fiction, it still carries with it many recognizable science fiction, and more specifically apocalyptic fiction, ideas. Are You There, God? Far from being the purely evil, knowing traitor from the original series, the reimagined Gaius Baltar is an unwitting betrayer of humanity, a self-styled victim of his own desires. His next reaction, self-preservation, is equally understandable.

In the face of his mistakes, he wants to survive. He wants to live, and that, more than anything else right now, makes him accessible as a character. Or wait — is it? The main point these people make is that science fiction uses one thing and one thing only as the yardstick for the universe: science. They tell us in explicit terms that we are not alone in the universe [. This image has been one of our most guarded secrets. The location — or at least the general location — of this star system was known only to the most senior commanders in the fleet.

We dared not reveal its location to the public while the Cylon threat was still out there. And thank the Lords for that, because now we have a refuge to go to, a refuge the Cylons know nothing about. It will be a long and probably arduous journey to get there. But I promise you one thing: we will make it to Earth, and Earth will be our new home. Is she an angel sent to protect him? What does he do to work through the guilt? Is it possible to feel no guilt about that? Can such a person be redeemed, in his own eyes as well as the eyes of the world? In Scandinavian mythology, Ragnarok is the end of the world of gods and men.

According to the myth the end time will be preceded by a series of bitter winters, and humankind will fall into moral chaos. Soon after, a slew of demons and giants will attack from all four corners of the Earth, destroying the gods; the Earth will sink into the sea, but it will rise again, and the just will live on in a gilded hall. In the ad, a young girl is seen plucking petals from a daisy and counting them; she looks up and sees something that is revealed to be a nuclear warhead when a mushroom cloud appears. The human ambassador at the Armistice Station displays a few family photos on his desk; one of them is a picture of Boxey, the young boy Boomer rescues from the surface of Caprica later on in the miniseries.

Boxey tells Boomer he thinks his father is dead. One of the documents handled by the Ambassador in the beginning of the miniseries is entitled the Cimtar Peace Accord — an homage to the original series. Cimtar was where the Cylons launched their attack on the five ships assembled for the peace conference. In the museum on the Galactica are two displays: a Cylon centurion and a baseship from the original series.

It first aired on October 6, on the Sci-Fi Channel along with the preceding episode "Occupation". In "Precipice", the Cylons respond to the suicide attack in the previous episode by rounding up over civilians believed to be affiliated with the resistance, and later decide to have them executed. Meanwhile, Galactica is to send a squadron to meet with the resistance on New Caprica. Unlike most episodes, it does not include a survivor count. Since "Occupation" revolved around the resistance, "Precipice" focused more on the New Caprica Police and Jammer's role in it.

The producers also decided to release the Sharon model imprisoned on Galactica.

It aired originally on the Sci Fi Channel on September 9, She discovers the pregnant Number Eight copy Sharon being held secretly aboard the ship, but Commander William Adama forbids her to include it in her final report. However, Biers is a Cylon, and she shares the footage of Sharon with her Cylon brethren. Plot In "Resistance", Tigh ordered supplies taken by force from civilian ships.

On the civilian ship Gideon, Marines commanded by Lieutenant Joe Palladino opened fire on a hostile but unarmed crowd of civilians, killing four. December the event is set to be held in Telford, England for the first time under a new event brand called Takeover. It is run by events management company - Mercury Promotions UK.

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Fans are also known to attend the event dressed for cosplay where they can take part in a bi-annual competition. Comic artists from around the world can also be found drawing images for fans in the hall during the day. There are guests that are now considered Wales Comic Con family and have returned to the event on many occasions. The event hosts a variety of stalls with traders selling various merchandise and memorabilia. Big names attend Wales Comic Con each year from media and film. Kiefer Sutherland Ruper. This episode introduces the concept of a "hybrid", a semi-organic computer which operates the Basestar and is - in a 'very real sense' - to "be" the Basestar.

Some Cylon models - the number twos of which Leoben Conoy is , believe the Hybrid to be speaking for the one true god. Plot Galactica After Starbuck crashes her Viper during a training exercise, Apollo strips her flight status. Colonel Saul Tigh mourns for his wife. He and Starbuck criticize the crew members who spent the occupation of New Caprica with the fleet until a disgusted Admiral William Adama orders them to stop.

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Starbuck cuts her hair and seeks out Kacey, whom she brushed off earlier. Tigh confines himself to his quarters and drinks heavily. Lieutenant Felix Gaeta reconstructs Gaius Baltar's work on the location of Earth[1] and determines the fleet should navigate to a distant nebula shaped like a lion's head Lion's Head Nebula. It aired originally on the Sci Fi Channel on July 15, In the episode, Commander William Adama is in critical condition following his shooting in the cliffhanger ending of the first season.

Galactica is separated from the fleet during a Cylon attack, and Colonel Saul Tigh, now in command, must reunite them. He does this by ordering the ship's computers networked in defiance of Adama's standing orders. Cylon Centurions board Galactica. On Kobol, Cylons kill one of the survivors of the Raptor crash. The episode received favorable critical reception. Tigh is forced to take command as a Cylon Basestar arrives.

Tigh has the fleet take an emergency faster-than-light jump to escape, despite the stranded survey team on the planet Kobol. When Galactica jumps, however, the rest of the fleet is not there. Tigh interrogates Boomer in the brig. It aired on December 1, Writer Michael Taylor received a nomination for the Nebula Award in the script category for this episode. An extended version of this episode with 25 minutes of extra footage was included on the Region 1 DVD and Blu-ray releases of the third season and in the UK exclusively on the Blu-ray release Plot Survivor Count: 41, The crew of Galactica have reinstated an old military tradition by setting up a boxing ring and putting rank aside — by the placing of dog tags in a metal box — crew and officers freely duke it out in one-on-one matches.

Colonel Tigh is match referee. Elsewhere in a bunk room, Starbuck has finished having sex with her estranged husband Samuel T. Starbuck remarks that their encounter was just what she needed and gets up to leave. Anders replies that he wants to reconcile their marriage. Starbuck responds that she's no. In the episode, Starbuck returns to the human fleet bearing the Arrow of Apollo.

The fleet is reunited. Moore, "Home" is more about character development and relationships than about story. The episode received favorable critical review.

Battlestar Galactica - Unfinished Business

Plot In the previous episode, "The Farm", Adama returned to command following an assassination attempt by the Galactica copy of Boomer Galactica-Boomer. Roslin led almost a third of the fleet back to Kobol to search for. It first aired on October 6, on the Sci-Fi Channel along with the following episode "Precipice". In the episode, the Cylons are in their fourth month of a military occupation on New Caprica, where the majority of the human population are residing.

A resistance movement is trying to drive the Cylons away. Meanwhile, Admiral William Adama continues his plan to rescue everybody there. The story behind the episode was inspired by several wars and occupations in the past, including the Quartering Acts and the Iraq War. Several parts of the episode changed from the script, more predominantly the scenes involving a suicide bombing. The producers were worried that the Sci Fi Channel would not allow the inc. It aired on December 8, Plot The fleet's food supply has been contaminated, forcing everyone to subsist on rapidly dwindling food rations.

Athena, who has been doing reconnaissance, discovers a planet where abundant algae is found that can be used as a nutritious, if unappetizing, food source. Unfortunately, the planet is located on the other side of a vast, highly radioactive star cluster that is too big to go around. The fleet must cross the cluster or risk starvation. Because of the size of the cluster, each ship must jump to a point within it before jumping again to the planet.

Admiral Adama proposes that each civilian ship be paired with a Raptor, which will serve as a guide for each ship and direct it safely towards the algae planet. Each pilot is issued a white radiation warning badge which turns solid black when the pilot has been exposed to their maximum safe level of radia. Biography Gray made her stage debut in After five years she left the world of the theater and devoted herself to cinema. The role she played most often in films was that of a seductive sex kitten. She also appeared in Michelangelo Antonioni's Il grido. Death On February 15, , Gray committed suicide by gunshot at her home in Torcegno.

She was 83 years old; some media, however, reported her age as 75,[1] since she herself claimed to have been born in He has three sons Hal, Ben, and Matt , and his wife is killed by Skitters. Tom befriends Anne Glass, eventually becoming romantically involved with her. At the end of season one, he boards an alien shuttle with Hal's girlfriend Karen and one of the Ishpeni in the hope of stopping the changes to Ben from his captivity earlier in the season. Tom is eventually freed, and finds his way back home. Between seasons two and three, he is elected president of the New United States.

Tom continues to fight with the 2nd Mass, seeing himsel. Dubbing studio Dubbing, mixing, or re-recording is a post-production process used in filmmaking and video production in which additional or supplementary recordings are "mixed" with original production sound to create the finished soundtrack. The process usually takes place on a dub stage.

After sound editors edit and prepare all the necessary tracks — dialogue, automated dialogue replacement ADR , effects, Foley, music — the dubbing mixers proceed to balance all of the elements and record the finished soundtrack. Dubbing is sometimes confused with ADR, also known as "additional dialogue replacement",[1][2][3] "automated dialogue recording" and "looping",[4][5] in which the original actors re-record and synchronize audio segments.

Outside the film industry, the term "dubbing" commonly refers to the replacement of the actor's voices with those of different performers speaking another language, which is called "revoicing" in the film industry. The third season of the American television drama series Falling Skies was renewed on July 11, for a total of 10 episodes. On July 2, , TNT renewed the show for a fourth season. London Film and Comic Con is a fan convention held annually in London that focuses on films, cult television, gaming, anime, cosplay and comics. History and organization London Film and Comic Con began in and is organised by Showmasters, the same company that organises the Autographica and Collectormania events.

In the past, the convention had guests that had included actors and actresses from film and television series including Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Heroes and others. The convention holds a large dealers hall selling movie, comic and science fiction related memorabilia and original film props, along with guest talks, professional photo shoots, autograph sessions, cosplay events, and displays. Fan Expo Dallas is a three-day speculative fiction, including comic books and gaming [2] fan convention now held annually in the Dallas, Texas, area.

Larger in scale than the Dallas Fan Days events under the same management, Fan Expo Dallas focuses on comic book artists, writers, and publishers. The second season of the American television drama series Falling Skies premiered June 17, The season's plot focuses on the 2nd Massachusetts' discovery that a large community of survivors has formed in Charleston, their journey there, and their reception once they arrive. It also focusses on the discovery that the Skitters are themselves "harnessed" and mind-controlled by the invaders, but that some of them are resistant to the effects and are rebelling against their Overlords.

Cast and characters Main Noah Wyle is Tom Mason, a former Boston University history professor who becomes the second-in-command of the 2nd Massachusetts, a roughly Amount of lost fighters was mentioned strong group of civilians and fighters fleeing post-apocalyptic Boston. He has three sons: Hal, the oldest, Ben, the middle child who was taken by the Skitte. FedCon FedCon short for Federation Convention is a science fiction convention, also including a bit of fantasy, in Germany.

It focuses on Star Trek. FedCon is the biggest Star Trek convention in Europe. In , it was held in Bonn—as several years before—but in , it took place in Fulda, while it returned to Bonn in FedCon is attended by sci-fi fans from different countries around the world and is frequently hosted by Master of Ceremonies, Marc B.

Lee of Orlando, Florida. Created by Dirk Bartholomae of Augsburg, Germany, FedCon has shown its fans a different brand of conventioneering by providing stage entertainment with professional stunt teams, musical acts and perform. All-Con is a four-day convention held annually in the Dallas, Texas, area. To help give back, there are several charity events at the convention every year. The convention is the first and largest of its kind in the Middle East region.

Starfury Conventions is a company that run several yearly science fiction conventions in the United Kingdom, as well as conventions for other genres. The conventions always take place during a weekend, starting with registration and opening ceremony Friday evening, and ending with the final party Sunday evening.